Process optimisation

The course covers optimising the production process on Haitian machines. Training for Setters and Production Technologists associated with injection moulding machines: HTF X, HFT W, Saturn, Mars, Mars II, Jupiter, Zeres, Venus. A course for the workers with practical knowledge of the plastic injection moulding and Haitian machinery control.

Training Objective

Extension of the knowledge for Setters and Technologists in optimising the injection moulding process on Haitian machines. Eliminating moulding defects and troubleshooting the manufacturing process..

Training Schedule

  1. Injection process optimisation - optimisation of the individual steps in the injection cycle.
  2. Verification of moulded piece defects and their elimination - the most common defects in plastic parts.
  3. Adjustment of injection parameters for specific materials.
  4. Basics of injection moulding technology
  5. Division of plastification systems for basic applications and their operation
  6. Process optimisation
  7. Principles for selecting the appropriate processing parameters for the most common plastics: PP,PS,ABS,PA , PA +GF,PC  

Additional Information

Training time - our preferred training time is approximately 6 hours per day. This allows the optimum amount of information to be conveyed while keeping the audience focused.

Location - training sessions can take place both at MAPRO Polska premises (upon confirmation of equipment availability) or at the client's site. 

Number of participants - should not exceed 10 people. This allows for an efficient transfer of knowledge and the small group work activates the audience to ask specific questions.

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