Hybrid and Electric Injection Moulding Machines

We are the exclusive distributor of Haitian and Zhafir brand injection moulding machines, manufactured by the world leader in plastic processing machinery - HAITIAN Company. We offer our customers both modern, precision electric machines with minimal costs and maintenance requirements and economical machines equipped with servo-hydraulic drive.


Flexibility and capacity
400 - 13800 kN

Zhafir Zeres III Series injection moulding machines, with clamping forces ranging from 400 kN to 13800 kN, are extremely flexible machines based on electric drive technology with integrated hydraulic systems, also for moulds requiring hydraulic core control. The ZERES Series enhances Zhafir's portfolio of injection moulding machines, offering new and differentiated capabilities while providing plastics processors with optimal solutions according to individual requirements.    



Speed and high precision
400 - 8000 kN

ZHAFIIR VENUS III is a Series of all-electric, toggle-type injection moulding machines with clamping forces from 400 kN to 8000 kN, designed for the most demanding applications. The use of high-performance servo drives ensures high precision machine movements, stable injection process and short cycle times. These injection moulding machines, already in the standard equipment package, allow parallel movements.            



Compact design and versatility
3600 - 33000 kN

ZHAFIR JENIUS III is a Series of hybrid two-platen injection moulding machines with clamping forces from 3600 kN to 33000 kN. These machines combine the advantages of a compact hydraulic two-platen injection moulding machine with the precision of an electric injection unit. The compact design of the machine ensures optimum use of space in production halls. The two-platen hydraulic clamping system with servo drive allows working with moulds of considerable dimensions, offering a large space between the platens with the possibility of its additional enlargement. Precision electric injection units provide the highest process stability for the most demanding applications.

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